TV Series, Sitecom inspired Cakes – Dexter, Game of Thrones, HIMYM, Seinfeld, Heisenberg and more

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Don’t we love watching the TV series like Dexter, Game of Thrones, HIMYM, Seinfeld, South Park, Heisenberg and more, the shows are really interesting and hard to miss.

We see avid fans putting photos, jokes etc. on the Social Networking site and some wearing T-Shirts of their favourite TV Show too, how about gifting or buying your friends his favourite TV Series, Sitecom cakes on his/her Birthday.

Check out some amazing TV Series, Sitecom inspired Cakes – Dexter, Game of Thrones, HIMYM, Seinfeld, Heisenberg and more Cakes you can order in Mumbai and get it delivered to your doorsteps for FREE.

Sherlock Holmes 221B Cakes


Dexter TV Show theme Fondant Cake


Dexter TV show themed Cake, Blood Knife

dexter-knife-blood-dark-passenger-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-33 dexter-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-4 dexter-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-5

Dexter TV Show themed Cake

dexter-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-6 dexter-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-7 dexter-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-8

Entourage Show Theme Chocolate Cake


Game of Throns Logo Cake


Game of Thrones Multi-tier Cake


Game of Thrones Swords Cake

game-of-thrones-sword-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-13 game-of-thrones-swords-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-14

Winter is coming – Game of Thrones Cake


Heisenberg – Breaking Bad Cake


Heisenberg – Breaking Bad Cake – Hat and Glasses


House MD Cake


LOST TV series Cake


Mad Men Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA mad-men-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-17 mad-men-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-24

Seinfeld Muti-tier cake

seinfeld-multi-tier-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-10 seinfeld-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-9 seinfeld-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-19 seinfeld-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-32 seinfeld-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-35

Sherlock Holmes Detective Hat, Magnifying Glass cake



Sherlock Holmes – Book, Magnifying Glass, Smoking Pipe Cake


South Park 3D Cake


South Park Cake

south-park-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-29 southpark-tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-3 tv-shows-cakes-mumbai-2

Winter is coming Cake – Game of Thrones


Supernatural TV show Cake


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