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[highlighted]How did it all began?[/highlighted]

We had no idea about Cakes and Cupcakes or anything remotely associated with it, we loved to eat cakes and cupcakes! We would occasionally get it at DNetZone.

So, we have a Technology blog called The DNetWorks and posted an Article and it ranked on the first page on Google website and the journey begin, we used to get about 4-5 calls requesting to get those cakes and it be delivered.

After declining the offer to deliver cakes to about 30 odd people, we thought we could design and delivery even better designer cakes in and around Mumbai, we got a cake designer on-board, yes in an IT startup, we have a Cake/Cupcake/Pastry Chef on-board.

We design Themed Cakes and Cupcakes, including, Cartoons, Superheros, Sports, Adult and more, oh and by the way, they taste yummier than the ones you have ever had and they look more beautiful and the ones you see at The Ultimate Cake-off on TLC.

We are pioneers in doing Custom Cakes and Cupcakes, like the ones we did for one of our clients which had a DSL on a Cupcake, can you believe that?

[highlighted]or the Rage Comics design we did, Clients were delighted.[/highlighted]

[highlighted]Oh and we specialise in making Angry Birds Theme cakes![/highlighted]


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Some of the Cakes and Cupcakes hold copyright by the respective owners, if you still have an issues, get in touch [email protected]

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