Movies/Film Theme Cakes and Cupcakes for the Movie Buffs out there

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In this stressful mundane life one of the best ways of recreation is watching movies. May it be hollywood or bollywood or any kind but it does refreshes our minds. Takes us away from or tensions for 2 1/2 hrs and also gives us a chance to spend time with our loved ones.

Some movie buffs make sure they go any flick 1st day 1st show and some make sure whether they watch it in theater or not but will definitely watch it on DVD.

Movies are inspirational, comedy, romantic, informative, entertaining and some times no brainier too..:P But Movie buffs sees them all.
So all the movie buffs out there here are some yummy cakes and cupcakes which depicts your hobby, these can be delivered to your doorsteps in Mumbai.


Film/Movie Buff Cake, film Roll, Clapperboard


Adams Family Cupcakes


Popcorn, Film Roll, Movie Ticket Cake


Cars Movie – Lightning McQueen fondant Caramel Cake


Clapperboard film Roll Muti-tier Fondant Cake


Girly Movie Buff Chocolate and Nutella Cake


Movie Lovers Cakes

movie-film-tv-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-7 movie-film-tv-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-8

Dabangg Bollywood Movie Salman Khan Cake


Popcorn Tub fondant Cake

movie-film-tv-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-10 movie-film-tv-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-11

Cars movie Cake

movie-film-tv-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-12 movie-film-tv-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-13 movie-film-tv-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-14 movie-film-tv-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-15 movie-film-tv-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-16

Saw Movie Theme Cake

movie-film-tv-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-17 movie-film-tv-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-18 movie-film-tv-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-19

Bollywood Film Industry Cake


Avatar Movie Cake


Avatar 3D Creature Cake



Salman Khan Caricature Dabangg 2 Cake


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If you love any of the cakes and cupcakes and want to get it design and delivered for your birthday or Any occasion all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us on +91 8454004444 and we will delivered these Movie/Film Buff Theme Cakes and Cupcakes to your door Steps in Mumbai

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Premium themed Cakes and Cupcakes in Mumbai! Oh and I code too!

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