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We also have played Super Mario Bros as a child, we been a Fan and we would love to have Super Mario Bros cakes for our Birthdays and Weddings. However, It doesn’t mean that you have to wait until your birthday or your wedding day to enjoy the taste of Super Mario Bros Cakes. With Super Mario Bros themes, these Mario cakes are suitable for every occasion and non-occasion.

If you don’t know about Super Mario here is what Wikipedia has to say

Super Mario Bros. is a 1985 platform video game developed byNintendo, published for the Nintendo Entertainment System as a pseudo-sequel to the 1983 game Mario Bros. It is the first of the Super Mario series of games. In Super Mario Bros., the player controls Mario and in a two-player game, a second player controls Mario’s brother Luigi as he travels through the Mushroom Kingdom in order to rescue Princess Toadstool from the antagonist Bowser.

Also Check out these Awesome Super Mario themed Cakes, you can order from us




























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