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We all love the food we eat at the restaurants, don’t we? Ever thanked the Chef? we have at times

What happens when you have to cook/bake something for the Chef? Be it a Birthday Party or an Anniversary of the Job well done at a Restaurant or you’re a Restaurant owner and want to welcome a new Chef, you want a cake crafted by the Experts for an Expert right?

Here are some awesome Cakes and Cupcakes for Chefs

Chef table with Spoons, Pizza and Chef hat Cake – everything is edible


Chef with Cupcakes


Chef Birthday Cupcakes


Chef Cupcakes with Pops


Chef Hat, Recipe Book Fondant Cake


Chef Rosy CreamCupcakes


Chef Hat realistic Cake


Chef cooking cake with edible vegetables


Chef in the Kitchen fondant Cake


Chef Cupcakes

chef-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-15 chef-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-16

Chef grater, Knife bag Cake

chef-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-17 chef-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-18 chef-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-21 chef-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-22

Chef hat, Cutting table Cake


equiment-chef-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-20 hat-chef-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-3 hat-chef-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-5 kitchen-chef-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-14

Chef Uniform Chocolate Truffle Cake

uniform-chef-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-7 vegetables-chef-theme-cakes-cupcakes-mumbai-19


Love one of these Cakes or Cupcakes? want to Order theses Chef theme Cakes and Cupcakes in and around Mumbai? Pick up the phone and call us on +91 8454004444 and we will deliver it to your doorsteps. Incase you need more information, get in touch, [email protected]

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Premium themed Cakes and Cupcakes in Mumbai! Oh and I code too!

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