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Meme and Rage comics are everywhere on the internet! If you use Facebook you will find a lot of funny Meme and Rage comics around, especially if you’ve liked the funny pages which post them.

One can easily create Rage comics on the internet with the Rage Comic Builder. While they are fun and can be made to suit any situation, you will find newest of the comics as the situations or news unfolds, because it’s the best way to portray information in a funny manner on the internet.

Our colleagues play jokes on each other with the Rage comics, so we thought why not have a collection of Internet Meme and Rage Comics Cakes and Cupcakes.

These Internet Meme and Rage Comics Cakes and Cupcakes are fully edible and perfectly suited for Birthdays or just a casual meetup, they will for sure light up the atmosphere and make it a memorable one.

Check out out collection of Internet Meme and Rage Comics Cakes and Cupcakes

Cupcakes – Darth Vader, James Bond, Star Wars, Troll Face, Joker


Insanity Wolf Meme Cake


Troll Facebook Rage Meme Cake


Forever Alone Cheese and Fondant Cake


Y U NO blow out Candles Photo Cake


F*ck Yea Cream Cake



Me gusta and Like a Sir Wedding Cake


Megusta Face Cream Birthday Cake


Forever Alone Birthday Cake – Happy Birthday to me


Like a Sir Fondant Cake


Eat all the cake at once – Challenge Accepted Birthday Cake


Rage Comics Assorted Cupcakes- Troll Face, Me Gusta


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Troll Face Rainbow Cheesecake with Fondant



One does not simply Meme Photo cake


GTFO Cream Cake


Rage Comics and M&M Chocolate Cake


Not Bad Obama Meme Birthday Cake


All Rage Comics 3 tier Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes – Troll Face, Like a Sir, F*ck Yea, LOL, Derpina, Derp, Poker Face, FFFUUU and more


F*ck Yea Birthday Cake


Mother of God Meme – Graduation Cake


FAP FAP FAP Birthday Cake


Troll Face Cake


FFFUUU Birthday Cake with White Chocolate sticks

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