24 Awesome Birthday Cakes for Girls from 18 to 21 years


Teenage is an awesome time to spend time with friends without worrying about anything else, the most worrisome times are during exams but you have the most of the fun during these years.

Your birthdays are equally awesome and have theme on your Birthday party. With people dressing according to the theme, the decoration etc also to the theme and most importantly the Cake is made to suit the them.

If you’re just having a teen birthday bash, you may have a princess theme or a Barbie themed Birthday Cakes, if not, you maybe a ghost theme birthday or even a Zombie theme for that matter.

Cakes need to be done accordingly, here are some awesome cakes for Girls aged between 18 and 21 years for their Birthday

Multi colour Cream Cake

 Dolce and Gabanna Multi-Tier Cake


Nail Polish, Beads, Roses Teen Fondant Cake


Absolut Vodka, Marlboro Cake


Bed with dresses, flip flops, skirts, Glares Cakes


Corset Cake


Multi-Level Cat Cake


Pink cake with Crown Fondant Cake



Wine and Fondant Pink Birthday Cake



Gift Oreo Ribbons Birthday Cake


Teen Party Cake



Gucci Shoes Cake


Drunk Teen Birthday Cake




2 Tier Princess Crown Cake





Gems, M&M, KitKat Cake



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