100 Best Barbie Doll Theme Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes

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Barbie Dolls have been around for a lot of time now, It is said that a girl will never ever forget her first Barbie doll, No matter how old she get.

When you are planning your daughter’s birthday party, remember that girls and Barbie go hand in hand. A Barbie theme party is similar to a princess theme party.

We have the most extensive list on Web for Barbie themed Cakes and Cupcakes, be it Cream Cakes, Fondant designed cakes, Butter Cream Cupcakes or Red Velvet Barbie Cupcakes, we have all of them

Fondant Red Barbie Doll Cake

Green Barbie Logo Cupcakes


Barbie Doll Lollypops Birthday Cakes

Fondant Red Black Barbie Doll Cake


Rockstar Barbie Doll Birthday Theme Cake


Butter Cream and Fondant Barbie Birthday Cake


Pink Barbie Doll Multi-tier Cake


Barbie Doll Cupcakes 1


Mermaid Barbie Doll Cake


Fairy with Wings Barbie Doll Cake


Ballerina Barbie Doll Pink Black Fondant Cake


Purple Barbie Doll Flower, Butter Cream Cake


Barbie Doll Butter Cream Cupcakes


Barbie Cream Cake


Pink Black Themed Birthday Barbie Dress Cake


Amazing 3 layered, Barbie Logo Cake with Chocolate Chips and Fondant


Green and Pink Flower Cream Barbie doll Cake


Barbie Doll Cupcakes 2


Premium Barbie Theme Cupcakes


Purple Dutch Barbie Fondant Cake


Pink Barbie Fondant Cake with Cupcakes


Rosy Barbie Doll Cakes


M&M Barbie Doll Cream Cake


Barbie Bag Fondant and Cream Cupcakes


Chocolate Barbie Logo Cupcakes


2-tier Princess Crown Barbie Birthday Cake


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Pink Fondant Barbie Cupcakes



Barbie Photo Cake


Butterfly Theme Barbie Birthday/Anniversary Cake


Red Fondant Barbie Birthday Cupcakes


Pink, Purple and Blue Butterfly Barbie Cream Cake



Barbie Fondant Cake 5


Cream Real Barbie Cake


Barbie Ken Wedding/Anniversary Cake



Fairy Barbie Cakes 3


Barbie and the Three Musketeers Photos Cake





Pinky Barbie Cakes and Cupcakes


Wizard Barbie Pink Fondant Cake




Barbie Photo Cupcakes







Barbie Doll Photo Cake 2


Cakes and Cupcakes – Barbie Doll Birthday Theme


Flower Barbie Cupcakes




Fondant Barbie Wedding Cake




Barbie Theme Cake – Bags, Nail Polish, Shoes





Multi-tier Barbie Cakes and Cupcakes




Rich 2 Barbie, Multi-tier, Multi-coloured Cake






Barbie Fondant Bag Cake


Barbie Car Birthday Cake





Barbie Shoes Cupcakes







Barbie Ramp Show Birthday Theme Cakes










Flower Birthday Theme Barbie Cake


Indian Barbie theme Birthday Cake



Batwoman Barbie Birthday Cake






If you wish order any of the above Barbie themed Cakes and Cupcakes in and around Mumbai for a Birthday or any occassion, we can design, bake and delivery it in and Around Mumbai, Get in Touch +918454004444 or [email protected] OR use our Contact Us form

Premium themed Cakes and Cupcakes in Mumbai! Oh and I code too!

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