Social Media themed custom Cupcakes


Are you Social Media Fan? use Facebook, Twitter and more on a daily.. err an hourly basis, you might love these cupcake designs. Oh and By the way we could delivery these custom cupcakes to your door step in Mumbai.

Oh and we shall now Explain Social Media with Cupcakes

Facebook: ‘Like’ my Cupcakes

Twitter: I’m making a #Cupcake

Pinterest: Here’s a Cupcake recipe 

Instagram: Here is a vintage photo of my Cupcake

LinkedIn: My Skills include Cupcake making

Foursquare: Thanks for visiting my Cupcakes, you’re they mayor of my Cupcakes

YouTube: Here is my Dog eating my Cupcake

Spotify: Listen to my all time favourite Cupcake tune

WordPress: My top 10 Cupcake flavours

Google+: Share Cupcakes with Google Employees


Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter Cupcakes

Google Cupcakes

Twitter Cupcakes

Blogger, YouTube, Pinterest, Behance, Facebook, Squidoo, Google+, Sharethis, MySpace, Vimeo, Digg, Flickr Cupcakes

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn Cupcakessocial-media-cupcakes-facebook-twitter-mumbai-7


Facebook Cupcakes


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Premium themed Cakes and Cupcakes in Mumbai! Oh and I code too!

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